25 June 2023

6.00pm performance

Oddsocks return once more, promising yet more fun and frolics!

And this summer, Much Ado About Nothing gets the troupe’s award-winning treatment, as young lovers, returning solders, handsome young noblemen, and troublemaking illegitimate brothers are all thrown into the mix, for one of Shakespeare’s most celebrated comedies.

Will scheming Don John’s evil plan succeed? Just which of the lovers will make it to the altar? And what of the mysterious masked woman? Join us to find out, with a wonderful evening of entertainment, that’s bound to keep the mood merry, thanks to Oddsocks’ usual musical approach to marriages, mischief and myriad plot twists!

Suitable for all ages (and IQs!), from seven to 177!

Performances take place on a large festival stage in front of the Hall. The seating area is uncovered.

Please bring your own garden chair. Gazebos, fishing brollies, parasols etc are allowed, but not in the main seating area.

No children under six years old may attend performances.

(Price includes £2.00 booking fee)