23 June 2024

6.00pm performance

Welcome to Rome. It’s 44BC and Oddsocks are ready to run wild across the palatine, as egotistical emperor Caesar sweats on his future. And it’s not just the Italian capital’s sweltering temperatures that are causing him discomfort, as plenty of senators are plotting to become a stabbing pain in his back(side)!

In short, they’ve had enough! The once great city is in chaos, trust in the consuls is at an all-time low, and not even a vestal virgin can save our boy, with the emperor’s fate written in the stars (or certainly the entrails of some poor goat!). 

Get ready for the ultimate political coup, told with the usual Oddsocks winning recipe of fun and frolics, mixing troublesome togas, swishing swords, and preposterous puppetry! On your Marcus, getus setus, let the games (and SPQR-style silly songs) begin!

Suitable for all ages (and legions), from seven to 177!

Performances take place on a large festival stage in front of the Hall. The seating area is uncovered.

Please bring your own garden chair. Gazebos, fishing brollies, parasols etc are allowed, but not in the main seating area.

No children under six years old may attend performances.

(Price includes £2.00 per ticket booking fee.)